KineMaster Lite

version 7.77

KineMaster Lite is the best video editing application for a smartphone with less performance and complete professional work, as in KineMaster Pro.

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KineMaster Lite

Information about KineMaster Lite

Cropping Videos

Cutting unwanted video clips

Intro & Outro Maker

Edit with special effects many applications offer

Users can edit their videos with transitional effects, adjust effects, and enhancer effects. You can choose individual impacts according to the need of your video. If you capture a video in public and want to blur others’ faces, then it is possible with this application. You can even increase or decrease the brightness of your images in video or may add many transitional effects which increase the beauty of a standard video. All these features are simple to use for both beginners and professionals.

Sound effects

Every editing software provides to add your simple video with sound, music, or songs. Still, KineMaste Lite allows users to create your sound in their specific style and adjust every beat according to their preferences, then add it to your video. An EQ option is entirely customizable, and users have the tools to change the sound base and frequency they want in the specific sound. Users don’t require other players to make and edit a Sound in their videos.

Create videos with images with the PIP tool

When video editing is done, we also want to create a video of images. Still, if you make a professional video with video clips and pictures, KineMaster Lite has a PIP tool that edits photos into video. Then you can enhance visualization with filters and color correction effects. You can even use the speed tool and set the timing for each image and video clip. It is also adjustable with sound effects. PIP tool edits videos over pictures and photos over videos, making just images videos with transitional effects possible.

Remove Watermark

In the free app, creating a video without a watermark is impossible. Still, a lite software version allows you to create a video without a watermark or remove a watermark from any video. In that case, it is unbelievable, but it has happened with KineMaster Lite. This feature makes your video a professional look free of cost, and you don’t need to purchase any premium feature application. 

Other most stunning features of KineMaster Lite

Voice Changers

Voice Changers help their users to change any sound like voiceover, songs from male Voice to female or child Voice or vice versa. There are so many options for every Voice that you can edit in simple steps.

Staggering Filters

Filters are the central part of editing videos or images; they may enhance the quality of any video that makes simple things into pretty ones. You can check many filters and then apply them to your choice.

Add stylish Fonts

When you make an intro or outro with this app, you can add a variety of font sizes, but if you want to add captions or close captions in a video, then users can add it in your favorite styling colors and font sizes.

Animated templates

Simple editable voiceover

Voiceovers are not fixed. This software helps you to edit voiceover than it in your videos. You can even change more than two voiceovers in a single clip which is the most fantastic thing about this app.

Color Enhan cers

Colors are the main thing in videos and images, but if you have a video with blur or wrong colors effect, you can enhance the color and make your simple video.

Ads Free

Mostly free apps disturb ads and trigger users while showing too many ads. But this application is free, so you can easily edit your videos without disturbance. 

Simple instructions for Downloading and Installation Method


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